revenue sharing solutions

TeleShares is the new #WEB3 Innovative investing SocialFi protocol.

First mover on telegram channel influencer revenue sharing through our platform any well known profitable telegram channel can turn their channel into shares with a 80% revenue share monthly. Facilitating community growth and revenue sharing on telegram.

4% Fees on Buys and Sells

Total Supply: 1,000,000,000

90% For Initial Liquidity
4% For Listings
3% For Partnerships
3% For Staking Rewards

Public Marketplace Dynamics

Once the shares are created, they are introduced to a public marketplace.

    • Listing:

      Shares are listed with a detailed description, price, royalty, total quantity, and other relevant details

    • Purchase:

      Interested parties can buy these shares using the ETH deposited in users’ accounts

    • Secondary Market:

      After the initial purchase, shares can be traded, sold, or held, depending on the holder’s preferences. This provides liquidity and price discovery for the shares

Engagement and Benefits

Holding a share is more than just symbolic ownership. It offers a range of benefits:

    • Exclusive Content & Access:

      Influencers might provide share owners with exclusive content, behind-the-scenes looks, early access to new releases and to private groups with them

    • Voting Rights:

      In some instances, especially for businesses, holding shares might grant users the right to vote on specific decisions, just like shareholder voting in traditional stocks

    • Dividends & Rewards:

      Depending on the structure set by the influencer/business, shares might entitle the holder to periodic dividends or rewards, which could be in the form of content, discounts, or even cryptocurrency

Integration with the $TELESHARES Token

  • While individual shares represent ownership in specific influencers or businesses, the $TELESHARES token acts as the universal medium of value within the ecosystem

  • Staking: Beyond the transactional utility, users can stake their $TELESHARES tokens to earn rewards, gain premium platform features, or get priority access to new share launches

  • Revenue Sharing: The ecosystem is designed to reward $TELESHARES holders. A part (75%) of the platform’s revenue is periodically distributed amongst token holders, proportional to their holdings


  • Phase 1: Initial Launch

    Develop TeleShares platform for Telegram influencers. Enable conversion of profitable channels to TeleShares stocks. Form partnerships for revenue-sharing, distributing 80% earnings.

  • Phase 2: Expansion and Enhancement

    Refine platform, onboard more influencers, introduce voting features. Explore DeFi partnerships for TeleShares staking.

  • Phase 3: Broadened Ecosystem

    Extend TeleShares to Twitter, collaborate with DeFi projects. Enhance protocol, implement smart contracts for automated revenue distribution.